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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In defense of the Accidental Virginia College Guy- distinguished from the much maligned Southern Frat Boy

Heading out to college football this weekend, tailgating, encountered the Virginia College Guy(species: "pueri erunt").  Below I have distinguished these future gentlemen from the much- maligned Sloppy Southern Frat Boy:

  • Button downs, polos, long sleeves, pressed.
  • Drink Bourbon (the National drink of men who went to college in Virginia - excluding Mason, Mary Washington, Georgetown, American, GW or any DC).
  • Will pick Country music more often than Pop or Rap (admittedly including Friends in Low Places and David Allen Coe).
  • Boxers often seen @ or below hem of Shorts, worn year round.
  • Somewhere between refined and Sloppy Preppy -- just enough of a hint at being dressed (see UVA and W&L style) to differentiate from the Abercrombie crowd who wears Flip Flops all year round. 
  • Not the NY effeminate preppy "style" (see photo right, and run for your life).
  • Car is a hand-me-down from parents (nice but aging - old Lexus SC, 325i, etc) or Toyota SUV; not a the Jersey Broncos, or Explorers,  or the NC/SC/GA pick-up trucks.
  • Good beer, and slight beer-gut emerging.
  • Rolex is the only jewelery, HS ring is at parents' main house in Lexington; will add the college ring, and then wedding ring.  No earrings, no shells, no dog tags as seen on the imitators. 
  • Many are the truly accidental preppies whose families own the bank, car dealership, insurance agency in their Western town in VA,
  • Though there are imitators, the authentic ones are confident, not belligerent, and are leaders.
  • Use ma'am and sir.
  • Goes to church with his girlfriend (& her family when visiting), but not above doing morally questionable acts in pursuit of campus girls.
  • Yes, there is corn hole and beer pong.
I actually like these guys, they usually grow up, get married and become people we know. "Sunt pueri pueri, pueri puerilia tractant"

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