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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Impromptu Reunion with Old Friends in Newport Weekend

Great time on recent impromptu Newport Reunion weekend! The liver is starting to dry out a little.

Started Happy Hour Friday @ Noon at the Red Parrot...didn't stop till ? Catching up with LD and seeing his mom...(doing great at 75) Dinner at LF's...went through the Yearbook and down memory lane (memory lapse/memmmry...what?) Even did a couple of shots...haven't in years!
Sat: Drove around and saw the old places, Happy Hour(s) at the outdoor bar at Clark Cooke, took in the comedy show with Lisa Lampanelli thanks to BB- inappropriate but hilarious - both -

On to Cappy's; a little drinking and a lot of Fooseball...wait, reverse that...Common sense reared it rarely seen head, and I skipped going out for breakfast...then up early and back to VA on Sun....

Great time...hope some of the folks make it down South soon & I get to head back again as well!

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  1. I read your blog regularly, but usually don't comment. That seems to be the case these days with all my reading. I do enjoy your posts! On this, I am saying - stick with tradition - people want to see the whole group!! I read a great idea on one blog - framing the family Christmas card every year and displaying them at Christmas! I love that idea. You should do it!! Have a great day. xoxo