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Monday, September 27, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Time

Once again, it's time to schedule the annual Christmas Card photo shoot, and one again my wife and I will have the annual debate -- Whole Family or Just Kids. 

Background Fact 1) My wife doesn't like to have her picture taken, and neither did her mother.  They were always the ones holding the camera, and as a result, there are very few pictures of either of them in the candids, and photo albums; only when professionally taken.

Fact 2) We have had the tradition from engagement on, that each year, we have always included all of us - adults, and kids (once we had them) 14 Years running.

 Fact 3)  Have you ever gotten a card and it only has the kids on it, and you don't recognize who they are?  Each year we get nice comments on how the family looks, how the kids have grown, etc...Folks like to see the people they know, not just kids of people they know...

So what do you think?  Keep the tradation? Or Kids Only?

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